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“TransNet is the area’s most experienced community transportation resource. Since 1980, TransNet has delivered responsive, high-quality community transportation, connecting people to school, work, healthcare, recreation and home. From meeting the special transit needs of our seniors, disabled neighbors and special needs school children, to providing efficient transportation for college students, corporate campus employees and summer campers, we proudly meet the needs of ever-growing Montgomery County.

To learn more about the services TransNet offers, please visit or call (215) 542-RIDE (7433).”

Senior Shared Ride 101

Have You Heard?

Montgomery County residents age 65* and better are eligible for reduced fare transportation from Transnet through the Senior Shared Ride program!

TransNet can bring you to places like doctor offices, pharmacies, shopping centers, hairdressers, restaurants, cultural attractions, libraries, and more! Thanks to Pennsylvania State Lottery proceeds, adults age 65 and older have an economical, safe, efficient, curb-to-curb transportation option in Montgomery County. With one call at least one day before transportation is needed, you can arrange to share a ride with others in a sedan or van, within multiple service areas in Montgomery County. Simply pay as you ride. Fares range from $3.00 to $7.50 depending on distance.

You are eligible to ride with TransNet even if you still like to drive yourself most of the time and only want to ride with TransNet occasionally. Feel free to sign up even if you would simply like to plan ahead for a rainy day. Who wouldn’t love to sit back and let someone else drive when the weather is foul?

Signing up is easy! Visit the TransNet website,, or call (215) 542-RIDE (7433) to obtain your registration form. There is no fee to become a registered TransNet Shared Ride member, so sign up now and TransNet will be ready when you are!

*There is also a more limited program available for persons 60-64. You may receive eight one-way local trips per month at a discount. For more information, call (215) 542-7433.

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