Jenkintown Police


Chief DiValentino

The Jenkintown Police Department strives to serve the community of Jenkintown Borough the very best way we can. We are always receptive to the comments and concerns of this community. Please call the appropriate contact person listed below with your question and/or concern.

Contacting the Police

If you have a Police, Fire or Medical emergency, dial 9-1-1.

To Reach a Police Dispatcher Call: 215-884-1200

For information regarding police reports, parking tickets or to speak with the police department office clerk, call 215-884-1202 – listen to the prompts, then push (2).

Police Department Administration:
Chief of Police: 215-884-1202 (2)
Administrative Lieutenant: 215-884-1202 Ext: 201

Police Department Unit Supervisors:
K9 Unit: 215-884-1202 Ext: 201
Detective Division: 215-884-1202 Ext: 208
Traffic Safety and Enforcement Unit: 215-884-1202 Ext: 212
Juvenile Division: 215-884-1202 Ext: 208 or Ext. 225
Officer Directory: 215-884-1202 Ext: 555

See HERE for the Goals and Objectives of the Jenkintown Police Department for 2017!

An Accredited Law Enforcement Agency

accred sealJenkintown Police Department is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency. This means your police department has been judged to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. The benefits of accreditation include:

  • Reduces agency risk and exposure to lawsuits
  • Decreases some liability insurance expenditures
  • Improves law enforcement—community relations
  • Increases employee input, interaction and confidence in the agency
  • Enlarges the outlook and viewpoints of managers, officers and employees
  • Identifies and highlights the capabilities and competence of the agency
  • Furnishes a solid foundation for the agency to build upon for further progress
  • Provides reliable methods to improve essential management procedures
  • Extends agency accountability to the public and elected officials
  • Enhances planning and innovative activities by all agency personnel
  • Develops improved methods for providing services to the community
  • Encourages problem-solving activities within the agency

Get Connected

The Jenkintown Police Department encourages all residents to register to receive local alerts on emergencies, severe weather, and/or road closures through the ReadyNotifyPA emergency alert system.  Residents may register through the program’s website, which may be accessed HERE.

Crime Statistics

Jenkintown crime statistics dating back to 2001 have been compiled and are here. Please contact Chief Albert J. DiValentino (215-884-1200) or Mayor Foley (215-260-5701) with any questions.

Contact Directory

(the Police Department reports to the Mayor):
Allyson Dobbs

Chief of Police:
Albert J. DiValentino

Lt. Richard Tucker
215-884-1202 ext: 201

Detective Division:
Det. Welsh
215-884-1202 ext: 208

Traffic Safety/Enforcement:
Sgt. Sulpizio
215-884-1202 ext: 212

Ofc. Jaworski
215-884-1202 ext: 205

School Liaison:
Ofc. Titterton
215-884-1202 ext: 225

Juvenile Unit:
 Det. Welsh,
215-884-1202 ext 209

Ofc. Titterton
215-884-1202 ext 225

Patrol Operations:
Sgt. Sulpizio
215-884-1202 ext: 212

K-9 Unit:
Lt. Tucker
215-884-1202 ext 201

Ofc. Matteo
215-884-1202 ext 227

Drug Task Force:
Lt. Tucker
215-884-1202 ext: 201

Det. Welsh
215-884-1202 ext: 208

Ofc. Matteo
215-884-1202 ext 227

Ofc. Sangree
215-884-1202 ext 226

Right to Know Officer:
Albert J. DiValentino

Police Clerk:
Patricia Carroll
215-884-1202 ext: 2

Crossing Guards:
Ofc. Murtagh
215-884-1202 ext: 224