The Borough of Jenkintown, one of the older Boroughs of Montgomery County, is located just outside of Philadelphia along the Route 611 corridor between Abington and Cheltenham Townships. The Borough was incorporated on December 8, 1874 when approximately 248 acres was taken from Abington Township. Today, the Borough is approximately .58 of a square mile and is home to 4,500 residents. The Borough of Jenkintown is truly one of the most unique communities in Montgomery County.

The Borough is a mostly residential community that is separated into East and West by the Business District that runs along and surrounds  York Road (Route 611) corridor. On the east side of York Road, residential development is predominantly characterized by larger detached single-family homes on lots larger than the Borough average. On the southeast side of York Road, there is a small mixed concentration of row homes, duplexes, and single-family residences. The majority of the residential development, however, is located to the west of York Road. This area is comprised of a traditional small town mix of detached single-family homes, duplexes, and row homes. Discreetly located throughout this area are several multi-family apartment buildings that are residential rental properties. At the center of this residential area are the Jenkintown Elementary School and the Jenkintown High School.

Over the past several years, Jenkintown Borough has focused much of its time and resources to the revitalization of the Uptown West Neighborhood. Jenkintown Borough is a pedestrian oriented community in which residents walk to the stores, the Post Office, and Church, their children walk to school, to the playground, and to their friends’ houses, and patrons are able to easily walk the Central Business District. These revitalization efforts include the implementation of streetscape improvements, increased public parking and shared parking, traffic calming enhancements, and renovations to the Hiway Theatre and the Salem Baptist Church. Though the Borough continues to made strides in revitalization, it is careful to recognize and celebrate its past.

At the heart of its past is the Jenkintown Fire Department, comprised of two Fire Companies founded more than one hundred and twenty five years ago. The Jenkintown Fire Department is a totally volunteer Department consisting of the Pioneer Fire Company #1 and the Independent Fire Company #2. The Pioneer Company was organized in 1884 and the Independent Company was organized in 1889. The Fire Department has a total membership of approximately 150 with 50 members being the active firefighting crew.

Aiding the Fire Department in its public safety efforts is the Jenkintown Police Department, which consists of full and part-time officers, clerks and crossing guards, all dedicated to serving the community and meeting the ever-increasing demands for police response. Together with the Borough residents, these Departments support the Borough and its events, most notably the annual Fourth of July parade and Police Night. Also supporting the Borough and its residents, merchants, and patrons are the Administration and Public Works Departments of Jenkintown Borough. The Borough Administration serves the community through facilitating daily activities, communicating with the residents, merchants, and patrons on a host of issues, and implementing and enforcing the codes and policies of the Borough. The Administration is closely aided by the Department of Public Works, most notably in the areas of street and landscape maintenance, snow removal, and recycling collection. The Public Works Department has provided the Borough with superior services, particularly in the realm of recycling, as the recycling program has recently been brought in house.

We invite you to please come and spend some time with us! To learn more about Jenkintown, please navigate the site or call Borough Hall at 215-885-0700.