Borough Council to Consider Request For Information from Developers

At the Jenkintown Borough Council meeting on April 24 at 7:30 pm, Council will consider a motion to advertise a request for information (RFI) for the acquisition and unified redevelopment of four Borough-owned parcels on Summit Avenue, including Borough Hall, the public works garage/office/yard, and a rental property.

A real estate developer has expressed interest in the Borough property. It is Council’s intent to lead a transparent process with ample constituent input, and Council will review all information and scenarios before making any decisions.

The responses would be sought strictly for the purpose of gaining knowledge and understanding the Borough’s options.

The Borough’s objectives for any potential redevelopment of the property include:

  1. Substantially increase tax revenues, particularly for Jenkintown School District
  2. Public parking increased in excess of the needs of the project
  3. Generate foot traffic for Borough retailers
  4. Reflect design in line with Borough design plans
  5. Meet the housing and/or other needs of the Borough while having a limited impact on school population

These objectives are among those included in the Jenkintown 2035 plan and have been developed with input from Jenkintown stakeholders as well as the Montgomery County Planning Commission. Borough Council intends to involve stakeholders throughout the process of planning for the future of the Jenkintown community.