West Avenue Road Closure

West Avenue will be closed this morning between York Road and Johnson Street so that snow can be removed from the on – street parking areas. The crews are working between York Road and Leedom Street to open up the parking in the Commercial Business District. Once this area is cleared it will be re-opened to traffic and the crews will proceed down West Avenue and Leedom Street clearing the remaining on – street parking.

As in all storms the clean up and clearing continues after the storm. The accessible handicap ramps immediately around the school were addressed this morning prior to school opening. All roads are being assessed and prioritized on the task list. If you have an area of concern do not hesitate to contact Borough hall so we can make sure it is either on our list or so that it gets added to the list.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

If you have any compliments, complaints or concerns please email, stop in or call Borough Hall at 215 885 0700.