The 2017 Paving Project Scheduled to begin.

Jenkintown Borough would like to announce that the 2017 paving project is set to begin.

This paving project includes the following roads: Rodman Avenue (full length), Linda Vista Avenue (full length), Shoemaker Avenue (full length) and Washington Lane (York Road to Greenwood Avenue). PECO has completed the installation of the new gas mains along Rodman, Linda Vista and Shoemaker Avenues. With the new gas main installed and the old gas main decommissioned, PECO has begun the final trench restoration and expects to be completed the week of August 14th. The Borough’s paving Contractor, General Asphalt is scheduled to begin the milling and paving operation on Monday, August 21st. The paving is expected to be completed prior to the start of the 2017/2018 school year.

Additionally, AQUA has completed the installation of the new water main along Washington Lane and decommissioned the old water main. Final trench restoration for Washington Lane has been completed.

There will be continued communication and updates during this project that will include scheduling, parking, road restrictions and or closures during this operation.

Please note: Other roads disturbed by PECO on this project include: Hillside Avenue, Elm Avenue, Leedom Street, Cloverly Avenue, Cedar Street, Rydal Road, Clement Road and Vernon Road. With exception of Rydal Road, which is expected to be paved by Abington Township later this year, these roads will have permanent trench restoration performed and will be placed on the 2018 paving project for complete mill and paving.

The Borough is excited to have this project completed and would like to thank all the residents and business owners for your patience and understanding during the infrastructure work and the restoration and repaving of the streets.

Thank you and if you should have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Borough hall at (215) 885 0700.