Storm Water Management

Every time it rains there is a risk of pollution to our creeks, streams and rivers. Rainfall runoff in Jenkintown drains to the Tookany Creek and the Pennypack Creek. You can help keep Jenkintown clean and healthy by participating in Storm Water Management.

What is Storm Water?

Storm water is water from precipitation, which flows across the pavement and ground when it rains or when snow and ice melt. The water seeps into the ground or drains into what we call storm water inlets. These are the drains you see at street corners or at low points on the sides of the streets. The drain water is called storm water runoff.

You should never pour any hazardous materials like cleaning supplies, paint, oil or other chemicals like automotive products (motor oil, gasoline, antifreeze or transmission fluid, etc.), household products (drain and oven cleaners, etc.) or swimming pool chemicals down a storm sewer. These items should be properly disposed. You can safely dispose these dangerous items through Montgomery County Household Hazardous Waste Program. You can reach them at 610-278-3618 or visit them at and click the HHW or Recycling links.
Leaves and other yard debris can also clog our inlets and contribute to street flooding and pollution of the storm water. You can help us keep inlets clear by:

Collecting your yard debris and place into biodegradable bags, which are picked up every Tuesday.
Reporting anyone who is dumping harmful waste into our sewer inlets or other items that may clog the inlets, which may include plastic bags. leaves or street litter to the Borough Office at 215-885-0700.

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