Solid Waste Collection Fee

The Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Contract is a competitive bid contract following the State guidelines for Municipal Acquisitions. In 2014 The Montgomery County Trash to Steam Plant was closed and sold to a private entity. This caused the Montgomery County Trash Consortium to come to an end. 

After exploring all avenues to continue on as a consortium despite the closure, it was concluded that individual municipalities that do not possess their own trash hauling equipment and staff would need to competitively bid this service with prospective providers through a different disposal facility or individual municipalities would need to incorporate higher disposal fees in order to use the former County facility,

That said, after an open bidding process, a contract has been awarded to the lowest, most responsible bidder, BFI/Republic Services. This contract is set at a greater cost than the former contract. Moreover, in order to cover the new contract costs and in order to allow the Solid Waste Fund to remain solvent throughout the current three (3) year contract period, the current collection / disposal fee will need to be set at $212 annually, an increase of $40 from most recent prior years. Supporting documentation and data including; historical Jenkintown Borough solid waste collection / disposal fees and current solid waste collection / disposal fees charged by neighboring municipalities can be found here.