Mayor’s Sports Freecycle Program

Sports Equipment on White

How many times have your children outgrown sports equipment before they wore it out? If there’s still some life left in your cleats, ball glove, etc., consider donating it to Jenkintown’s Sports Freecycle Program, so that another Jenkintown family will get some use out of it. Here’s how the program works:

Just drop off your used (but good condition) equipment at donation barrels placed outside the JSD High School Office, in the Immaculate Conception School cafeteria near the exit door, or at Borough Hall. Mayor Foley will collect and catalog the donated equipment, listing available items at the bottom of this page.

If you see equipment listed that you need, just send an email to and arrangements will be made for you to pick it up, free of charge.

Please consider donating:
Field hockey, lacrosse gear
Baseball gloves, bats
Please DO not leave these items:
Damaged or very worn items
Incomplete pairs
Ice hockey gear

Questions? Call the Mayor at 215-260-5701.