Leaf Collection Schedule

From mid-October until mid-December, the Jenkintown Public Works Department works through the Borough to collect leaves along the curb.  The Public Works Department has outlined a 5 route schedule that will collect leaves along streets on certain days.  Leaves do not need to be bagged.  Residents may rake leaves curbside along roads the night before the their street’s scheduled collection.

The Leaf Collection Schedule can be found HERE

Residents are asked to please adhere to the following regulations regarding leaf collection in order to ensure a successful collection:

  • Do not put leaves in the road prior to the day before the scheduled collection (contractors who do not comply will be cited)
  • Do not park on top of leaves
  • Do not include rocks, sticks, trash, etc. for collection with leaves.  This does damage to the collection machine and results in down time for repairs.
  • To observe all regulatory parking signs
  • Bagged leaf pick up remains the same (Every Tuesday for the entire Borough)