Jenkintown2035 Comprehensive Plan

Last evening, Monday, November 27th, 2017, the Jenkintown Borough Planning Commission held a public meeting to discuss the draft Jenkintown2035 Comprehensive Plan. This is the first step in the Comprehensive Plan adoption process that is mandated by the Pennsylvania MPC. The Comprehensive Plan will now be distributed to the Jenkintown School District, Abington Township, Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County Planning Commission and the State Planning Commission for review and comment.
The complete draft of Jenkintown2035 Comprehensive Plan can be found online at or print copies can be reviewed at Borough Hall or the Jenkintown Library. The Jenkintown2035 Steering Committee welcomes comments / recommendations to be submitted via Jenkintown2035’s website page at, all entities have a forty-five day review period for comment and feedback.

Although the Borough’s last full comprehensive plan was done in 1962, the Borough has continued to do extensive planning work with a focus on economic revitalization of the downtown core area and improvements along York Road. Jenkintown2035 builds off of these past planning efforts, however with a comprehensive and long-range focus. Jenkintown2035 evaluates all characteristics and components of the Borough (both the physical and the programmatic elements of the community) and maintains a Borough-wide frame of reference so that the impacts and benefits of improvements in one area of the Borough can be more readily understood and taken into consideration in the Borough’s decision making. Because the Borough is already built-out, this comprehensive plan will focus less on planning for physical infrastructure and more on the “intangibles” that make a place strong and special. Jenkintown2035 will serve as the Borough’s long-range community vision and establish the policies, priorities, and guidelines to achieve that desired vision