Important Borough Public Meeting Schedule Information 2018  

Beginning in 2018, Jenkintown Borough Public Meetings are to be held on Wednesday evenings. This change was authorized in an effort to assist in fostering continued public involvement in Borough Council meetings.  The simplified meeting schedule will mean that the regularly scheduled Committee and Council meetings will fall on Wednesday evenings. Additionally, this revision to the meeting schedule will ensure that Borough Council and JSD School Board meetings will no longer be held on the same evenings, which hopefully enables residents as well as Board & Council members to attend both Jenkintown Borough Council and JSD – School Board meetings if desired. 
To see the full schedule, please visit the Borough website, where the full yearly Borough Calendar is posted. If you like, this calendar can be linked to your personal calendar by clicking on the subscribe to calendar button on the bottom right hand side of the calendar.

The Wednesday meeting schedule is as follows:

First Wednesday – Environmental Action Committee

Second Wednesday – Public Safety Committee / Public Works Committee

Third Wednesday – Planning Commission / Administration & Finance Committee / Building, Zoning & Revitalization Committee

Fourth Wednesday – Borough Council

As required by Pennsylvania State Borough Code, the meeting schedule was approved by Council and advertised in a newspaper of general circulation. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to stop in Borough Hall or to call 215-885-0700 for assistance.