Codes, Forms and Permits

You will need Adobe Reader to view these forms (click here to download the free software). You can also obtain the forms by visiting Borough Hall during regular business hours.

Online Borough Code (opens a new window).
Online International Building Codes and International Property Maintenance Codes (opens a new window).
PDF Icon Zoning Code
PDF Icon Revised Zoning Map 



PDF Icon Residential Zoning Permit
PDF Icon
 Commercial Zoning Permit
PDF Icon
 Building Permit (including building and fire alarm system work)
PDF Icon
Electrical Permit
PDF Icon Mechanical Permit
PDF Icon Plumbing Permit
PDF IconSidewalk & Curb Permit
Procedural Changes to Electric Permit Application Submittals
The electrical permit application process has changed.  Jenkintown Borough is joining the surrounding communities in allowing the Electrical Permit Applicant to choose his or her own Licensed Third Party Inspection Agency.  If you have any questions or we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.


PDF Icon Zoning and Use Application
PDF Icon
 Zoning Hearing Board Application
PDF Icon
 Residential Use & Occupancy Application
PDF Icon
 Certificate of Occupancy Application
PDF Icon
 Tree Permit Application
PDF Icon
 Subdivision/Land Development Application
PDF Icon
 Rental Unit Registration & Permit Application
PDF Icon
 Sign Permit Information
PDF Icon Banner Permit Application
PDF Icon Dumpster Permit Application
PDF Icon
Road Opening Application
PDF Icon
Block Party Application


PDF Icon Request for Information
PDF Icon Workers Compensation Affidavit
PDF Icon Contractor Notification Form
PDF Icon Request for Refund