Bike Expo In Town Square

Town Square this Saturday, May 30th, is all about bikes! And free water ice & pretzels! Join your neighbors from 11am to 2pm on Saturday,  for Jenkintown’s first Bike Expo,  for both kids and adults, featuring:

Free Bike Helmet Giveaway – Jenkintown Police will give away a limited amount of free helmets, with an expert from Moss Rehab onsite to make sure you’re getting the right size and to help you fit it correctly

Bike Repair Clinic – The technicians at Abington Wheelwright will be on hand to give you step-by-step instructions on easy bike repairs like changing a flat and adjusting brakes and gears.

Bike Safety Inspection – Let the bike shop pros give you a heads up on any issues with your bike that may need immediate attention.

Used Bike Exchange – bring a functioning bike you no longer use, and give it away to someone who can use it! Or pick one up for yourself!

Kickoff of “Wanted: Safe Kids” — Get the details on Jenkintown’s new manhunt for kids caught doing safe things, with “tickets” issued that entitle them to free stuff — over $2,000 in prizes, donated by Jenkintown merchants, to be given away by Jenkintown Police to kids observed practicing safe pedestrian and biking habits around the borough, all summer long!

Jenkintown’s own Bike Share program — sponsored by Lindy Properties, learn about how to check out a bike from Town Square and go for a spin, absolutely free!

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