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Borough Paving Schedule and Update Report

Beginning Monday August 31st the following Borough roads will have a “Temporary No Parking” restriction during the day so that the work can be completed unobstructed. These roads have already been posted with the required signage that goes in to affect Monday August 31st at 7:00 AM.
  • Cheltena Avenue (Entire Length)  Final Paving Monday
  • Hillside Avenue (Elm to York)
  • Cedar Street (Hillside to Greenwood)
  • Maple Street (Hillside to West)
  • Linden Avenue (Entire Length)
  • Healy Street (Entire Length)
  • Division Street (Entire Length)

Beginning Tuesday September 1st the following Borough roads will have a “Temporary No Parking” restriction so that the work can be completed unobstructed. This work was postponed one day due to the Special Television Event being held at West Avenue Grill on Monday morning at 8:30 AM.

  • Leedom Street (West to Summit)
  • Greenwood Avenue (Walnut to York)
  • Summit Avenue (Leedom to York)

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Final paving to begin this week!

Borough Roads – The large majority of the required concrete repairs have been scheduled or completed. The paving contract has been signed and the Borough paving operation will be commencing Tuesday, August 18th at 7:00 AM. The Borough road work will begin with the milling of Greenwood Avenue and Florence Avenue first to minimize the impact to the School. There will be no parking on either side of the roads being milled between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM for the workers safety and protection of privately owned vehicles. The areas will be clearly posted with “Temporary No Parking” signs. Please have all vehicles off the roadway prior to 7:00 AM on Tuesday so that the construction can begin without delay. There will be limited access during the milling operation and no access at times during the paving operation. The Contractor is General Asphalt and they will be providing a detailed schedule that will be shared in the Borough updates. As the paving progresses, email blasts will be sent out updating the specific Road Closure sequence. Once all roads are milled the paving operation will immediately follow. A complete list of the Borough Roads to be paved are shown below. Continue reading Final paving to begin this week!

Train station upgrades began last night

The combined efforts of local governmental and community groups have put the ball in motion for the historic Jenkintown-Wyncote Train Station. For months, SEPTA, along with Jenkintown Borough, Cheltenham Township and many others, have met and discussed and reviewed plans for the renovation of the exterior of the historic Jenkintown-Wyncote Train Station. These renovations include extensive canopy repairs, improvements to the slate roof and exterior of the main station building and upgrades to the switching tower and baggage/waiting rooms. Drainage repairs and improvements to the dank tunnel that connects the inbound and outbound platforms. Continue reading Train station upgrades began last night

Recognitions at June Council Meeting

Stephen Pileggi from the Times Chronicle attended last Monday’s Council meeting and wrote the following article:

A beloved, furry friend of the Jenkintown Police Department was on hand at Jenkintown Borough Council’s meeting June 22 to thank the medical team that ultimately saved his life. According to Jenkintown police Chief Albert DiValentino, one of the Jenkintown Police Department’s K-9 dogs, Rocky, fell ill on March 29, 2014, and had to undergo emergency surgery. The surgery — which was given a 50 percent chance of being successful — was performed by Dr. Owen Fink at the University of Pennsylvania’s veterinary hospital, PennVet. Continue reading Recognitions at June Council Meeting