About Jenkintown2035

Jenkintown2035 is Jenkintown Borough’s first comprehensive plan in over 50 years. Jenkintown Borough has established a Jenkintown2035 Steering Committee with representatives from a wide range of constituencies across the Borough to help guide this long-range planning process.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a long-range strategic plan that provides a framework for future growth and development. The comprehensive planning process begins by identifying a community’s existing physical and social infrastructure to highlight strengths and desired areas for improvement. Through a visioning process, goals are outlined for the community and specific strategies are identified that will lead to the realization of those goals. A comprehensive plan is a “living document” to be used as a benchmark tool against which actual realized accomplishments can be compared and strategies can be modified to fit the ever-changing landscape of the community.

Jenkintown is an historic and established community that is mostly built-out. This means that most future development will be focused on adaptive reuse, infill, and restoration. Because the opportunity for growth and expansion is limited within the borough’s boundaries, the comprehensive plan will focus less on “growth management” strategies and more on “place management” strategies that will emphasize building on the strengths of the community that contribute to creating the desired sense of place and strong quality of life cherished by Jenkintown residents and visitors alike.

Jenkintown2035 Steering Committee

The Jenkintown Borough Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee includes the following members:

• Stephanie Berardi, Jenkintown Environmental Advisory Committee
•  Mikayla Casey, Student Representative
• Maya Cheek, Jenkintown School Board
• Joseph J. Connolly, Jenkintown Fire Chief
• Al DiValentino, Jenkintown Police Chief
• Laurie Durkin, Jenkintown Borough Council
• Ed Foley, Jenkintown Mayor
• Carolyn Hirsh, Lindy Properties
• Sandy Hull, Grace Presbyterian Church
• George Locke, Jenkintown Borough Manager
• Jeff Lustig, Midgard Properties
• Kimberly McGlonn, Jenkintown Borough Council
• Kristen McNamara, Jenkintown Resident/Jenkintown School District
• Trish Miller, This Little Gallery
• Rick Pescatore, Jenkintown Recreation Board
• Ethan Riley, Jenkintown Resident
• James Rose, Jenkintown Planning Commission
• Deborra Sines-Pancoe, Jenkintown Borough Council
• Dr. Timothy Wade, Jenkintown School District
• Jonathon Wilt, Hiway Theater

Montgomery County Planning Commission Contacts:

o Marley Bice, AICP, Senior Planner
o Maggie Dobbs, Community Planner

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