Residential Use & Occupancy Certification

Jenkintown Borough passed Ordinance #2017-5, on May 27th, 2017 pertaining to Residential Use & Occupancy Certification. This Ordinance was approved to continue to maintain public safety as well as lessen the impact on the environment by reviewing the integrity of the private sewer lateral.

This inspection will take place at the time of the sale of a residential property. The Residential Use & Occupancy Inspection encompasses four areas of compliance; a notarized affidavit of smoke detectors, curb and sidewalk compliance, 4 inch property address (numbering) and a videotaping of the sewer lateral at the property, from the house to the main. Any defects observed in these four areas would need to be resolved prior to the issuance of the permanent Use & Occupancy Certificate.

The fee for the Use & Occupancy application is $300 (condominiums or sales of similar configurations where there is no sewer lateral to be inspected the Residential Use & Occupancy fee is $50). The large majority of the application fee is used to offset the Engineer’s review and report of the sanitary sewer lateral video.

Copies of the Ordinance and Residential Use & Occupancy application can be found here, on the permit application page of the website, as well as in Borough Hall. Should you have any questions regarding the Residential Use & Occupancy Inspection application process or review process, please call (215) 885 – 0700.