Jenkintown Community Playground Fundraiser

The Jenkintown Community Playground is celebrating it’s 15th Anniversary!  You can commemorate this important milestone with a one of a kind T-shirt and/or Tote bag. 

Fifteen years ago, over six hundred volunteers came out to build a safe, handicap accessible playground that fosters imaginative play and developmental learning for the children of Jenkintown and the surrounding communities. The playground was built with $120,000 raised largely through individual donations and the generosity of community groups and businesses. The Jenkintown Community Playground is truly one of a kind and continues to be maintained through volunteer efforts and local fundraising. Questions or interested in volunteering?  Contact

To purchase a T-shirt please click the following link:

To purchase a Tote bag please click the following link:

Click here to support Jenkintown Community Playground for upkeep of the playground
To continue the upkeep of our beautiful playground, consider purchasing a totebag hand designed by Jenkintown Student Bella Smith and the Art Club sponsored by Mr. Slowik